About the Financial Style Finder The Financial Style Finder is an insightful tool that has been developed to help you and your Advisor better understand your unique approach to money and finance. The Financial Style Finder is based on the key findings of Neuroeconomics, the science of how the brain makes decisions. Neuroeconomics combines the study of the brain and the psychology of decision-making to study how we make choices, evaluate decisions, assess and categorise risk and reward. It has helped the financial industry understand that money and finance are very personal matters, and that people approach this area of their life in a very individualised way. This means that what works best for one person can be very different from what works best for their friends or even others in their family. The Financial Style Finder helps you and your Advisor identify your personal financial style. This will make it easier to work out what approach to money and financial matters will work best for you and your family. Discover how to do the Financial Style Finder questionnaire and receive your Financial Style Report. Why discover your unique financial style?
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